How Training as a Chef made me a Better Bookkeeper

When I was teaching in the Hospitality program at Fanshawe College I used to tell all my students that ‘knife skills are life skills’.  Meaning that simply learning how to be a better cook will improve the quality of the food you eat and reduce the time you spend in the kitchen; the sort of life […]

How to use a Restaurant Budget in Uncertain Times

Seeing into the future Building and following a good forecast, and the corresponding restaurant budget, is a key component to long term success in the restaurant business.  In any business really.  Just the process to develop your forecast forces you to evaluate the business in all the key financial areas.  And it reminds you where […]

Cash Flow – The Most Important Information in Your Financial Statements

Finding all the cash Everyone knows that cash is king, but a lot of restaurant owners and operators do not fully understand the cash flow in their business.  It is not just the money in your bank accounts and your floats.  And it is not just the bottom line of your profit and loss statement.  […]