Canada's TrustedExpert Bookkeeper for Restaurants and Hospitality

We remove the stress of compliance and bring clarity, insights, and relevance to the financial statements of restaurant operators and hospitality businesses to help them make better decisions and grow their business.

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About FoolProof Bookkeeping Inc.

Comprehensive Solutions

Using best practices developed over many years of experience, we will align our services to your unique needs to develop a model that works for your business, including:

Our Experience

Years In The Field, From Back of House To Front Of House

We’ve been there, literally. Our team has worked in the kitchen, front of house, in management and executive roles, and in administrative capacities for restaurants and hospitality companies.

Custom Solutions

Bookkeeping systems tailor-made for restaurants.

Strategic Insights

Leverage data and insights for key decisions.

What We Offer

Cloud Based Bookkeeping Services

We help restaurants create, optimize, and effectively leverage digital bookkeeping systems to support their success.

Financial Growth

For businesses looking for growth or expansion.

Financial Insight

For businesses looking for financial improvements.

Financial Clarity

Ideal for stable, single unit businesses.

What Our Clients Say

Feedback from Clients

We’re focused on building trusting relationships to help restaurant operators and hospitality businesses achieve success over the short and long terms.

Dave Fauteux
Dave Fauteux

Owner, Bon Temps Resturant

I have been using Foolproof Bookkeeping since opening my business. Scott has been instrumental at helping make sense of the financial side of things. He is as hands on or off as we’ve needed him to be the entire time, and always available for advice.

Angela Lovegrove
Angela Lovegrove

Owner, Artigiano Whistler

Since opening my new business, I've used Scott and his services at Foolproof Bookkeeping. Scott has literally been a lifesaver to me ! He's helped me navigate through all the government forms, financial lingo, banking processes and payroll issues a new start up encounters.

Steven Bruce
Steven Bruce

Owner, Steve & Mary's On The Square

As our business was forced to change so much, due to COVID-19, over the past two fiscal years, Scott has been a huge part of navigating the waters of government programs to help small business remain successful and not be side lined as a statistic.

Our Blog

Insights and Inspiration