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Financial clarity, revenue stabilization, and cash flow management
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We treat your books the same way we treat our own books.  Proactive bookkeeping practices allow us to produce rolling budgets and cash flow forecasts that highlight metrics that are key for you, so you can make more informed decisions.

Financial Clarity

Knowing exactly where you stand financially at any given time is a key factor in running a successful business.  We will clean up your books, organize your chart of accounts in a way that makes sense for you, ensure all your sales and purchases are categorized to highlight your key metrics properly, and maximize your sales tax credits within government compliance.

Revenue Stabilization

Using rolling budgets we can help you set realistic, achievable targets for variable cost controls and gross revenue, plan for large capital investments, evaluate the use of debt, and map your business growth.  By updating and reviewing budgets regularly your business will be able to adapt quickly and be more profitable.

Cash Flow Management

Cash may be King but every King has advisors and we can help bring you the peace of mind that only comes when you don’t have to constantly watch what is going in and out of your bank account.  We will also help you find any idle cash that exists in your business, plan for fluctuations in available cash, and provide financial analysis of potential investments.


“Scott is always available to answer our financial questions and manages to break them down into understandable answers that we can take action on.  His experience as a teacher really shows.  He’s very patient, very responsive, and especially helpful in navigating the new grants, loans, regulations and options around the ever-changing COVID updates from the government.  His experience with leases and properties is very thorough as well.  Highly recommended!”

Amie Colquhoun, CEO
Asphalt Kingdom

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